Marketers Pitch Spam Guidelines – Continue Redefinition Effort

from the just-because-you-say-it's-true,-doesn't-mean-it-is dept

Back in July we wrote about how the Direct Marketing Association was trying to redefine spam as fraudulent email, so they could keep on bombarding people with email marketing they didn’t want. The uproar over that caused them to delay the release of such guidelines that month, and again in August. Now, they’ve finally come out with guidelines and they are exactly as expected. Spam is considered fraudulent email, and not unsolicited bulk commercial emails or (even better) email that someone doesn’t want to receive. It’s clear why the DMA wants such a definition, but it’s a short-sighted view. By trying to legitimize their own brand of spam, they’re only going to end up pissing off everyone, and make email even less useful as a marketing tool.

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