Will Bioengineering Lead To The End Of Evolution?

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Quite the manifesto has been written by Alan H. Goldstein, the director of the Biomedical Materials Engineering Science Program at Alfred University, where he goes on and on (and on) about how today’s bioethicists focus on things like cloning they have absolutely no clue what’s really coming next: homo technicus. An entirely new species built via bioengineering, and he’s not talking about the common perception of “cyborgs”. He says that homo technicus will be built to perfection, and will end the concept of evolution, because it won’t be necessary any more. The piece is certainly interesting in bringing up lots of issues to think about, but could probably do with a bit less drama and repeated warnings that most people simply can’t fathom what he’s talking about.

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Comments on “Will Bioengineering Lead To The End Of Evolution?”

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Al Pocalypse says:

Re: I'll believe it when

No, we don’t have a cure for the common cold but guess what… we didn’t build atomic toasters before we developed nuclear bombs. Soldiers with advanced optical implants could still be susceptable to rhinoviruses. I’d recommend thinking outside the box but it sounds like you are trapped in 2space.

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