Network Solutions Sued For Wrongfully Transferring Another Domain

from the keeping-VeriSign's-lawyers-busy dept

VeriSign’s lawyers are quite busy these days. They’re still fighting the wrongful transfer of domain lawsuit, and now they seem to be receiving a lawsuit every day about their lovely SiteFinder hijacking tool. Today, though, they’ve received another wrongful transfer lawsuit from a company that says one of its former employees transfered their domain to his own account, and started taking business away from them. Network Solutions (the VeriSign subsidiary) claims they had a letter authorizing the transfer, but this just goes to show how weak VeriSign/Network Solutions process has always been for authorizing transfers of domain names. It’s really quite amazing that the company that controls much of the internet seems so technically clueless so much of the time.

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Comments on “Network Solutions Sued For Wrongfully Transferring Another Domain”

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LittleW0lf says:

Re: No Subject Given

Are they technically clueless or are they crooked? My bet is on the latter.

Considering the fact that I have gotten more than my share of Domain Renewal Bills for $70-150/yr from them, I am willing to bet that they are both crooked AND technically incompetent. They couldn’t even follow the law (like everyone else does,) when sending out the bill, since it does not say that the bill is actually a solicitation, and does not actually say that the price on the bill is far more than anyone else charges for the same service. The bills from Network Solutions are a scam, as much as the DNS Redirection scam, and every other scam they have participated in.

Unfortunately, it appears that the government neither has the balls nor the understanding to take them down either…so lawsuits like this will unfortunately continue until the company goes tits up or takes over the world.

Nicole says:

Re: No Subject Given

Jesus Christ… why does no one have a clue!??!?!?! THERE IS A STANDARD TRANSFER PROCESS!!!! It’s not a freakin conspiracy in technological-naivete… when you have 9 million customers you have to implement processes. No matter what, if someone wants it bad enough, they will slip through the cracks. I’m tired of everyone dissing a company that they have no clue about just because the company is large! You wanna go after someone, go after Microsoft.

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