Follow The Bouncing Do Not Call Lawsuits

from the um...-so-is-it-legal? dept

At this point, I’m not sure if anyone knows if the national “do not call” list is legal or not. Last week, the list was declared illegal, then made legal again by Congress, only to be declared illegal again (all within a few hours). Following all of this, telemarketers (who had brought the suits) said that they would obey the lists even though the latest lawsuit said they didn’t have to. Today, to add to the confusion, the FCC stepped in and said that they would run the list themselves – taking it away from the FTC. This was seen as a more legally sound way of offering the list. However, telemarketers (yes, the same ones who we thought said that they would obey the list) immediately appealed to the Supreme Court, saying it was unfair, and the list should at least be delayed. Their specific complaint was that some telemarketers could no longer reach the list, and thus couldn’t be expected to comply by October 1st. The Supreme Court, however, quickly rejected the request and President Bush signed the bill passed last week by Congress (which may or may not matter). Have you got all that? Where does it leave us? With a lot of lawyers who will have a lot to argue over in the next few months. Hopefully it will lower the number of telemarketing calls you receive, but I wouldn’t count on it.

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Comments on “Follow The Bouncing Do Not Call Lawsuits”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: No Subject Given

Thanks for pointing out the typo. It’s now been fixed.

However, I would ask that, in the future, you use a nicer tone in such messages.

It’s amusing to me that people who point out typos usually contact us via the feedback forms. Peole who want to act high and mighty and trash us for making a tiny typo post the comments directly.

I appreciate it when people point out typos and try to fix them. So, thank you for that. However, no thanks for your tone.

telehater says:

Low Tech Telemarket fix

There is a low tech way of getting rid of telemarketers: invoke the current rights you have under the laws governing telemarketing.

1.) Request the *full name* of the rep(required by law)

2.) Ask to be added to their do not call list (required by law)

3.) Ask that you be supplied with a written copy of their do not call policy (required by law)

4.) Get the company name, and how to contact them.

Telemarketing reps are not accustomed to having to provide info to callers. The above questions will usually get a supervisor on the line.

Do this to *every* telemarketer that calls you, and you’ll eventually stop getting telemarketer calls.

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