Nokia Goes Wild With New Handset And Starts Connecting Peripherals

from the not-your-father's-handset dept

So, lots of people are talking (for good reason) about Nokia’s “wild” new design for their 7600 3G phone (if you haven’t seen them, take a look at the pictures). It’s certainly a different design, though, you have to wonder whether or not the differences are any good. There are reasons why phones have the design they already have. Still, it’s good to see people experimenting with innovative designs. Meanwhile, what’s probably more interesting about the announcement, and which is detailed quite well by Alan Reiter, is the idea that Nokia is looking beyond just the phone to offer a whole phone ecosystem with various peripherals that work off the phone – such as picture frames and necklaces (that can show off the pictures you take from your camera phone). This is a big deal and shows that (finally!) people are starting to think “outside the handset” about what can be done with mobile technologies. Who knows if these offerings from Nokia will be successful (and plenty of experiments are likely to fail miserably), but it will help to generate other ideas, and things could get interesting very quickly.

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