Not The Old Horse-And-Buggy Excuse Again…

from the let-him-go dept

Over in Melbourne, Australia they’ve got one of those “no driving while yakking” laws in place. So, police officers who felt compelled by the letter of the law, pulled over a horse and buggy (flashing lights and all) and even tested the driver for alcohol. He had been traveling at approximately 2 mph, so you could see how his use of the mobile phone made him a menace to everyone on (and off) the road around him. The judge has wisely thrown the case out, saying that the sooner the guy got back on the streets driving his horse and carriage, the better it was for tourism in Melbourne.

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Comments on “Not The Old Horse-And-Buggy Excuse Again…”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Speed is not the issue

If someone is too stupid to get the hell out of the way of a 2 MPH horse and buggy they DESERVE to be run over and killed regardless of weather the driver was using a phone or not.

Wrap yourself in cling wrap for protection, PLEASE.
Make sure you cover your nose and mouth because a fly might fly in and you could possibly choke.

not dorpus (user link) says:

silly horse & silly police

for those that havent visited mexicc aka melbourne recently, not only has the state govt sold all the freeways to private consortiums, they have put speed cameras on *every* crossover. ie cynical attempt to maximise revenue. obviously horse & buggy find it hard to exceed the speed limits hence find some other excuse for a fine….

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