Blame The Video Game Goes Class Action

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The latest in the long line of stories about anti-video game lawyer Jack Thompson’s plan to blame video games for all of society’s ills, is to take his latest case against the publishers of Grand Theft Auto and turn it into a class action suit. Considering the case is about a couple of kids who went out and shot up some cars on the highway, I’m wondering how the hell they’ll come up with a “class” for this suit. Thompson is claiming he’s heard about “hundreds” of people who were “killed by these games”. Hey, Jack, no one was “killed by these games”. They’re video games. They don’t kill. They’re not even used to kill. They’re just games. Thompson is actually making the situation worse by not putting the blame on those who deserve it: the criminals who committed the actual crime.

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Reality says:

Re: Crack cocaine doesn't murder people either

That’s extremely close to being a really good point, but it fails miserably. Crack Cocaine is not outlawed because of specific traits found in its users. If that were the primary reason for outlawing drugs, then why are things like Marijuana outlawed? I have yet to see somebody go get high then run around being destructive. Many drugs induce calmness, peace, happiness, or lassitude, none of which are harmful. However, they are still illegal. Obviously, therefore, we cant assume that drugs are outlawed due to harmful effects. Personally, I dont use drugs, and I dont approve of them, but we still need to look at the facts here…

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