BSA Takes A Page From The RIAA: 'Fess Up For Amnesty

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Looks like the software industry’s BSA is taking a page from the RIAA and are offering some form of “amnesty” to anyone who ‘fesses up about using unauthorized software. takes a look at the offer and wonders who would possibly bother? All you’re really doing is alerting the BSA to keep an eye on you in the future. And, in the case where you actually bought software that you thought was legit, but cheap, then you’re forced to go out and buy another copy of the legit software. Not very enticing.

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Comments on “BSA Takes A Page From The RIAA: 'Fess Up For Amnesty”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Nothing New...

Actually, the BSA has been doing these sorts of Amnesty programs for at least a decade… in fact, they kind of do a “tour” of the United States and Europe, focusing ads and information on specific urban centers to ferret out people on the fence about what they’ve done. This includes vans parked near busy yuppie intersections and posters. It’s kind of secret-policeish, really.
At one point, they used to claim their vans could “detect” piracy, and they were offering limited amnesty if you came down and signed on. And it works!

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