Does Intel's Unwired Day Mean Anything?

Okay, maybe I’m just too cynical about this stuff, but I’m not sure why everyone is still making a big deal about Intel’s “One Unwired Day”. As has been pointed out here before, there are plenty of free wireless hotspots out there every day, and Intel convincing a few of the paid ones to go free for a day doesn’t seem that exciting. About the only folks who do seem excited are the press – who are claiming that this will mark the day WiFi has arrived. Really? So far, the only people talking about it seem to be folks who are quite into the WiFi space already. I don’t know a single person who is planning on making any special effort to test out a WiFi hotspot because it’s free tomorrow. In fact, all of the non-wireless focused people (and even a few of the wireless focused people) I know had absolutely no clue what the “One Unwired Day” was – nor did they seem to care once it was explained to them.

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