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Red Herring Coming Back To Life?

from the maybe,-possibly dept

Back in March when Red Herring Magazine joined Upside, the Industry Standard, (the original) Business 2.0, Silicon Alley Reporter and a few other business/techie magazines in shutting down the presses, Tony Perkins (Red Herring’s founder) announced that he still hoped to bring it back to life at some point. Well, it looks like someone may be bringing it back to life – though, there’s no indication if Tony will be a part of it, or if he’ll have to stick with his Always-On Network instead (Update: This other report says that Tony will not be involved). A group of investors have bought up the rights to Red Herring (including the website, the magazine and the subscription list…) and have apparently brought on James Daly, of the original Business 2.0 to be the new editor. It’s amusing to take a look at the rapidly rotating staffs between the old and new Business 2.0, the Industry Standard, Upside, and Red Herring and see the same names popping up over and over again. It’s really tempting to say that, if you think this is a sign that the bubble is back, you may be following a red herring, but that would just be too obvious. I’ll just say I wish them luck. I have nothing against good, objective reporting on the industry – but it seemed like, with many of these magazines, it was much more about hype than substance. Hopefully (I can dream, can’t I?) substance will come back into fashion.

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