Yet Another Solution To The Electronic Ink Question

from the did-we-even-ask? dept

We’ve had story after story talking about electronic ink, and each time, someone claims they’ve come up with a new/different/better method of producing such a product. Each time, though, they seem to be focused on different markets, whether it’s billboards or in-store electronic signs. Now, a research group at Philips says they’re designing a product for a foldable screen that can be used to display movies. Instead of using beads or prisms, this one uses colored oils, and takes the basic “oil and water don’t mix” concept to the next level (or perhaps a few levels up). Of course, as with all of these products there’s no word on when we’ll see practical, inexpensive versions in everyday use. By the time these products are finally ready, maybe they’ll already be obsolete by systems that project images on thin air.

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