Nextel Sues Verizon (Again) Over Advertising

Please make it stop. Not content to just sue them over the push-to-talk name and to throw mudslinging ad campaigns at each other, Nextel is now suing Verizon Wireless again, asking that their mudslinging commercials be taken off the air for implying their push-to-talk service is better than Nextel’s Direct Connect. Haven’t we gone over this already? There’s a huge, wide open, market out there for this technology (at least, that’s what all the carriers have been claiming). If that’s the case, why are they squabbling with each other, rather than convincing the millions and millions of folks out there who don’t understand PTT why they need it? It’s either because the market isn’t really there and they just need to wrestle with each other over a niche market – or they’re really so blinded by the competition that they simply need to attack each other rather than do any real marketing. The attack ads are silly – and a waste of money. The lawsuits are even worse.

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