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Spammers Sending Spam From Hotel Networks

from the sneaky-sneaky dept

While there have been plenty of warnings about how spammers could conceivably use open WiFi hotspots to send out their spam, I haven’t heard of any concrete examples. However, over in Ottawa they’re reporting that a spammer has been checking into hotel rooms, and then using the provided broadband connection to send out his spam and then leave. They’ve apparently tracked this down to a single spammer who has been kicked off every ISP around, and now resorts to hotel spamming to get his message out. This seems like an incredibly inefficient way to go about spamming – though, the potential to have hotel networks added to spam blacklists could present a real problem for those hotels.

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Comments on “Spammers Sending Spam From Hotel Networks”

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Kevin says:

No Subject Given

I gotta say, OMG, I didnt think of that one, haha, damn spammers.

My question is, can you still check into hotels/motels using an alias or are they total ID facists like car rental places are today?

Also, I suppose you can just block outgoing port 25 connections, that shouldnt effect pop or imap. I cant think of any legit reason for somebody in a hotel room to need to send any outgoing port 25 packets.

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