VeriSign Says Cybersecurity Is The Government's Job

from the save-us,-taxpayers dept

VeriSign, the company that just started abusing the government granted monopoly they were given is now saying that the government should spend $450 billion to implement a cybersecurity “New Deal” to protect us from virus, worms and other such nasty stuff for the three or four minutes until people figure out the vulnerabilities and exploit them all over again. I’m not saying that cybersecurity isn’t important – but I’m not sure a top-down mandate to “improve cybersecurity” will actually do much good (though, it would cost taxpayers lots of money – plenty of which might go into VeriSign’s coffers).

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Comments on “VeriSign Says Cybersecurity Is The Government's Job”

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Anonymous Coward says:

cybersecurity (WTF is that?) is {nobody,everyones}

The reailty is that there are people who want your data, cycles, bandwidth, connection, passwords, credit card info, nude pictures, etc…. and there really aren’t that many LE folks policing that sort of thing…. So, you either do something about it or you don’t.

Personally, I had US$4k written off by a credit card company (on purpose). I’ve had absolutely zero problems with identity theft despite my wallet/mail being stolen.

Now, in the unlikely event that my write off goes away, I get to bang up another US$4k to US$5k courtesy of the poorly run credit industry.

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