Warning: Excuses From The Beach On Your Mobile Phone May Not Work So Well

from the another-reason-to-be-careful-using-a-mobile-phone dept

Having just warned people that mobile phones might make you senile how could we pass up giving you this “warning” about mobile phones as well. If you’re going to go off to the beach somewhere on a secret vacation without your spouse, and are planning to call them via your mobile pretending to be sick and/or busy doing housework at your parents, it’s probably best not to do so while walking along the beach where you might run into the other significant other complaining about their awful day as well. The article indicates this happened to a Romanian couple who are now filing for divorce – but it does seem to have all the trappings of an urban myth. First of all, if you’re going to call and say you’re stuck in bed, how would you explain the beach sounds in the background? Still, it’s a good warning. Also, perhaps, as we all grow mobile-phone-induced senile, we’ll be able to forget these sorts of embarrassing mishaps soon after they happen.

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Comments on “Warning: Excuses From The Beach On Your Mobile Phone May Not Work So Well”

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dorpus says:

What about underwater cell phones?

Submarines have communicated from underwater through the use of Extreme Low Frequency (ELF) radio waves. That seems like a technology that has not yet been converted to civilian use.

Even if a scuba diver talks in bubble-ese underwater, the right software should be able to convert that into normal speech.

Perhaps coral reefs of the 21st century will have underwater cell towers, yuppie scuba divers yakking away.

Phone Freedom says:

Can you locate me now ?

I frequently use my phone for little white lies to explain why I’m running late to why I won’t be able to attend . ( Out of town )As a matter of precaution I have the GPS feature unenabled except for e911 calls. Cell phones have helped me to make my life more private. I understand Verizon is now offering some dumb feature that with the use of GPS all my friends and family can pinpoint down to a T where I am located. I do not find this to be a feature.

Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Please ban Dorpus

Once again he’s back with completely inane comments that are totally unrelated to the topic at hand.

What does calling in sick on your mobile phone from the beach have to do with submarines using ULF radio signals for communication? They’re both near the ocean?

Please, Mike, I’m begging you to give us some way to ignore certain users.

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