Technology For The Sick And The Elderly

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We’ve had similar stories before, but it appears that more and more companies are realizing that technology isn’t just for the young any more. While many companies like to target the younger demographic, because it seems “sexier”, there’s definitely a market for supplying useful technologies to folks who have been around longer than you. Part of the problem, the article claims, is that (obviously) most employees at various companies are younger than the senior citizens they would be supplying with technology – and the idea of getting old freaks them out a bit. So, instead of thinking about ways to solve issues the elderly face, they try to avoid thinking about it altogether. Luckily, it appears this is beginning to change – and as a generation of folks who grew up immersed in technology starts aging, hopefully they’ll take it upon themselves to work on technologies for the issues the elderly face as well. Meanwhile, here’s the story of a special smart couch for the sick or infirm that is designed to recognize who is sitting in it, and help them to perform various tasks. Of course, the same group designing the smart sofa is also going after the sexier young market with sporting equipment that tells you what you’ve done wrong (will it insult you too?).

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