Calling Telemarketers Back

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People really seem to get a certain sense of satisfaction from turning things around on folks who bug them. When spammers get found out, people figure out ways to spam them back (often through snail mail). Now, people are taking on telemarketers by calling them back. Earlier this year we had the story of a comedian who started calling telemarketers in the middle of the night to wake them up. Now, Dave Barry has apparently told readers to call a telemarketing firm that was complaining that the “Do Not Call” list violated their constitutional rights to bug people (which amendment was that one again?). It appears the recommendation has had its intended effect. The telemarketing firm has stopped answering their phones, and says the calls have been costly. They don’t seem to note the irony of the situation, of course. Funny, they originally complained that the “Do Not Call” list would force them to cut jobs – and now they’re complaining that all these calls from Dave Barry’s readers are costly because of “staffing issues”. Shouldn’t they be celebrating? All these calls are helping them keep their staff employed.

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Comments on “Calling Telemarketers Back”

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Uncle Phone Pervy says:

Amusing myself

I just tell tele-marketers that I’m in the middle of compulsively masturbating and that if they would like to speak dirty to me about the product they are selling I would be happy to listen intently to their pitch.
They usually hang up before I can ask them to wait for me to get my buttplugg inserted.

Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Re: Amusing myself

Or you can let them get about 60 seconds into their pitch and quietly mumble “I’m not wearing any underwear”. They will often times stop and ask you to repeat yourself, and then you say “Are you wearing any underwear? Tell me about it…” and then they’ll hang up.

Although I did have one lady one time start telling me about her underwear…

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