Blogger Pro Goes Free

from the welcome-to-the-world-of-free dept

While other sites and services are looking for more ways to build walled gardens, block people off and charge extra, it appears that Google-owned Blogger is going in the other direction. Admitting that offering a paid-for Blogger Pro version was simply a matter of survival, they’ve now opened up all Blogger features for free and will continue to make money from other sources. As a competitive move, this seems pretty smart. It will be interesting to see how the other blog platform providers respond. Those who have already paid can get a prorated refund or a Blogger sweatshirt.

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Comments on “Blogger Pro Goes Free”

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Anonymous Coward (user link) says:

Diary of a Googlist

Recently TheSmokingGun was able to dredge up all kinds of posts from people that used UseNet ( owned by Google ironically ) who are or are going to be on the next Survivor series.

( See the link )

Perhaps this is one of the reasons Google is offering blogging free. When Google effectively owns complete diary’s of people’s lives, it will be a windfall for them to sell data about infamous people to news agencies.

Kyle Maxwell (user link) says:

Re: Diary of a Googlist

This is just so wrong I had to say something.

Google does not own USENET; they bought an archive of the traffic on it from DejaNews. That’s like saying Google “owns” the web. They cache and index it, that’s it. And anyone who thinks Google is planning to sell data about individuals, “infamous” or otherwise, is not familiar with Google’s history or don’t-be-evil philosophy.

Judge for yourselves, and let the trolls go back under their bridges.

AMetamorphosis (user link) says:

Re: Re: Diary of a Googlist

I’m so very impressed.
I may not have had every subtle nuance and correct language, but you are a truely knowledgeable person.
Regardless, a quick little ” clicky ” on the link above and you explain to me how The Smoking Gun got their information ?
Quote from website: ” Sent from Hastie’s college e-mail addresses, the messages are part of the Usenet archive that has been maintained since 1995 (first by and now by Google). “

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Diary of a Googlist

> […] the Usenet archive that has been maintained since 1995 […]

Actually, it goes back a little farther than that… I’ve found stuff in there from the late 1980s… more specifically, *my* stuff.

I also didn’t find some of *my* stuf prior to ~1988. So, they do indeed have only a partial archive of USENET.

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