Now It's Arianna Huffington's Turn To Spam Voters

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Well, Peter Ueberroth dropped out of the California gubernatorial race yesterday after idiotically spamming voters. Now we can cross another potential governor off my list. I received spam today from Arianna Huffington. It appears to have come from a group they hired named GetActive who conveniently doesn’t provide any email addresses on their website (don’t want to get spammed, I guess). Looking through the headers we discover that the email was actually sent out via an ISP called RagingWire which forbids spam in their terms of service. Once again, anyone who thinks that spamming voters is a good method of gaining support is wrong and does not deserve a leadership role. Previously, I was indifferent on both Ueberroth and Huffington. Now, I am actively speaking out against them, as are plenty of others.

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Comments on “Now It's Arianna Huffington's Turn To Spam Voters”

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JD says:

No Subject Given

I replied to a legitimate business concern (a legitimate one that I knew about before hand) telling them I did not want to receive their spam.

She seriously did not believe that when they were doing was spam. Her logic was that she was selling a legitimate product.

I never could get her to understand that I believe all “unsolicited” commercial email selling a product/service to be spam. Just as all “unsolicited” commercial telphone calls selling a product/service to be telemarketing.

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