A Few Examples Of How Camera Phones Change Things

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There have been a bunch of stories lately about how camera phones are scaring a bunch of companies into banning them from the office (or at least setting up policies about the devices). However, camera phones are changing plenty of other things besides what you can and can’t do at the office. According to this blurb at Poynter, a recent news story about a car accident in Sweden used a photo taken from a camera phone by the reporter to accompany the story. A real photographer showed up later, but his photos weren’t nearly as newsworthy – so the lower resolution camera phone photo stayed. It won’t be long before such things are commonplace. Even better, the photos won’t be taken by reporters on the scene – but spectators. Meanwhile, PicturePhoning.com has found an article about a student who was suspended after his camera phone was found with photos of “gang-related activities”. So, be careful what you store on your camera phone – it may be used against you. Of course, if I were the student, I would protest this. Just because I have photos of something, it doesn’t mean I took part in anything.

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Comments on “A Few Examples Of How Camera Phones Change Things”

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Ronald McDonald says:

Too good to be true ...

I pulled into a McDonald’s(tm) the other morning for a quick breakfast. As I pulled in I saw this Lincoln Navigator PLASTERED with those weight loss ads for ” Herbalife(tm) “. The ironic part was when the 450 pound driver attempted to remove his glutenous ass from the front seat. I wish to GOD I had a camera phone @ that moment because the humor had me laughing so hard I damn near wrecked.
I for see websites or shows centered around the advent of the camera phone being used similar to the days of ” America’s funniest home videos ” & ” Real People “

Ed Halley says:

No Subject Given

I work at an industrial company which does some commercial, and some military work. No cameras are allowed on site at all; if you’re caught with one, you probably lose your job and you certainly lose your camera. And yet, every couple of weeks, a cell phone salesguy comes in to the lunchrooms to sell phones. He’s got non-functional “models” and sealed product. I’m just waiting for him or some mindless employee to get busted for opening a sealed box on-site.

Munich says:

Re: What About Stores that Don't Allow Cameras

I saw this pretty humerous link on people complaining about Fry’s Electronics. There is posting towards the bottom about a guy getting surrounded by salespeople for taking pictures:


Sort of in the vein of the previous post, what does an electronics store that sells digital cameras and camera phones do when they have a no-picture policy?

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