Carriers Still Complaining About Portability

It appears that the wireless carriers (minus Verizon Wireless) still won’t stop complaining about local number portability. The latest (and, admittedly, this has been going on throughout the process) complaint is to tell everyone how much its costing them to set up wireless number portability. Of course, some dispute these numbers. Cingular is claiming that it’s going to cost them $377 million – which is even more than the $250 million they predicted two years ago (over a longer period of time). They don’t explain why it’s going to cost more than six times the $60 million Verizon Wireless claims it’s going to cost them (and they have a larger network). Also, they seem to leave out the fact that some studies suggest they’re going to profit off of number portability by charging extra fees to all users. There comes a point in time where reality needs to set in. Number portability is a reality – and their customers want it. Why not follow Verizon Wireless’ lead and try to make the best out of it?

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