Your Mobile Phone's Pants Are On Fire

from the liar-liar! dept

One of Techdirt’s wireless correspondents, Derek, writes “A new application from AgileMobile enables smartphone owners to detect when someone is fibbing. The lie-detector application uses variances in a speaker’s voice to determine if they are truth-tellers, or big liars. Techdirt asked AgileMobile if the application really worked, while using the app on them, they said: “This app does not work” and the device registered that was true. Were they: a) lying, b) telling the truth, c) fundraising, or d) you hate SATs?” There have been plenty of similar handheld lie detectors around in the past, though this is the first time I’ve seen one included in a mobile phone. I imagine that it’s correct about 50% of the time.

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Comments on “Your Mobile Phone's Pants Are On Fire”

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LittleW0lf says:

Oh I get it...

I remember reading this riddle in a book some where, was it The Hobbit?, no…hmmm…I do remember it being a riddle on NeverWinter Nights though…

Let’s see, if one man always lies, and the other man always tells the truth, what sort of question could you ask one of the guys to figure out which one was which: A. Is the sky is blue, B. Is the sky is black, C. Do the stars look beautiful, or D. Would you like me to run this +9 vorpal sword through the gent that wrote this stupid riddle for you?

Well, it was something like that…

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