Qualcomm Adds SD Memory Support To Chips

Qualcomm will add SD memory card support at the chip level in a line of chips destined for Smartphones and high-end wireless devices. This will make it easier and cheaper for terminal OEMs to add SD slots to their devices. SD is a great format of memory for a phone, since it is only about the size of a postage stamp, yet is currently capable of holding up to a Gig of data. This will up the power of Smartphones to deal with files, MP3s, photos, video, and more. However, it also poses a threat to carriers, because if a phone is like a nightclub, the wireless network is like the front door. Carriers have been the doorman controlling and taking a cover charge to enter the phone. The SD card becomes the “backdoor” into the phone, where people can sneak in without security and without paying a cover.

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