Smiling Canadians Against The Law

from the stop-smiling! dept

On the whole, most Canadians I know are incredibly friendly people with a ready smile. It turns out, however, that quick smile is a problem for customs officials. Submitted by dorpus, is this story about new regulations in Canada for obtaining a passport that say you cannot smile in your passport photo. They’ll make exceptions for a few people who recently submitted passport applications, but otherwise, wipe that smile off your face! Frowns too. Any expression that isn’t “neutral” is strictly forbidden. If trained humans can’t even recognize a person with a smiling face, how can we possible expect facial recognition programs to do any better?

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Comments on “Smiling Canadians Against The Law”

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Munich says:

Silly, but legalizing the norm

Well, this is pretty silly, but have you ever seen anyone with a smiley passport?

In my two passport photos I have taken, I didn’t smile in either because it just didn’t seem…proper. This thing is going to be viewed by some guy/gal who has been sitting in a stall for 7 hours and has the right to hold up my vacation or biz trip for hours, or even not let me in. Instead of some $*it eating grin, a somber pose seemed like the right look to get them to scan you in, stamp it and get you down to baggage claim. And after a 12 hour flight, it’s easier to compare the somber photo to what I look like.

Besides my personal experience, though, I have seen a lot of other people’s passports from all over the world, and I can’t remember one who was smiling. But I would admit these were all business people and I suppose people who are getting one just for a single vacation might smile naturally.

Cross Eyed Susans says:

Cross Eyed Susans

Just cross your eyes when the photo is taken and when the ” authorities ” complain SCREAM discrimination agains the visually impaired … ( grin )
This is stupid … I smile most of the time because it is my nature … 🙂
… and a smile goes a l o n g way toward making you & others around you have a better day.
Glad I’m an American and can still smile ( @ least for now )

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