Finding And Documenting Real-Life Video Game Locations

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I’ve heard of people trying to visit famous locations found in various movies, but this is the first case I know of where someone “recreated” scenes from a video game by heading all over London to find the right spots. The resulting side-by-side comparison shots are pretty impressive, if only because it makes you wonder just how much time the folks who put up this site spent finding all those locations. Also, it’s worth noting just how close the graphics in the game appear to be to real life locations – even the indoor shots seem like exact replicas. However, the quote in the Register pretty much sums up this project: “This is the Internet at its best: allowing people bored out their minds to go create something with no inherent worth and then stick it all up for the rest of the world to see.” Whether or not you read that quote with sarcasm might say a lot about the type of person you are.

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