How Do You Put WiFi In A Limo?

This short USA Today article about “high tech” limousines has me a bit confused. They talk about the importance of putting the same amenities in limos as are found in nice hotels – and thus, say that limo companies are installing WiFi in their limos. Right… but they don’t say anything about backhaul. I’m assuming their must be some kind of backhaul, otherwise the whole project seems ridiculously pointless. However, what that backhaul is (including speeds, quality and pricing) could make quite a difference in how well this is accepted. Though, I guess it would be amusing to find out these limos just have a WiFi access point with no connection to the internet, and deal with all the confused passengers who are told the limo has WiFi only to discover it’s useless, unless they want to exchange data between multiple computers over their own local area network.

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Comments on “How Do You Put WiFi In A Limo?”

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1 Comment
Stanley Kirk, II says:

WiFi in a Limo

Today, cellular carriers such as Verizon and Sprint provide mobile broadband services. A limo can install cellular router and provide a live Internet connection to a moving limosine. Passengers can surf the web, dowload large files and in some cases even video conference. If you would like further information please feel free to contact me at 313 378-4940.

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