Tracking Down Yahoo!'s Millionaires

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Forbes Magazine decided to track down 25 people who sold their companies to Yahoo! during the boom years, making them all millionaires and see what they were up to today. As you might expect, many cashed out and are working on or funding new startups already. Of course, I think the much more interesting story would have been not to follow the people and their millions, but what happened to the companies once they joined Yahoo. For the most part, it looks like many of these buys didn’t turn out so well. Many of the offerings have disappeared or have turned into small parts of Yahoo – worth much less than what Yahoo paid for them. This, of course, is not a Yahoo specific problem. I’m sure that many deals from other large companies during the boom years turned out to be equally as bad when looked at in retrospect. Still, it might be interesting to look at how much certain companies spent to buy companies who they then killed completely.

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