Chipping Away At Google's Dominance

from the others-are-better? dept

In the past year or so, the “Google backlash” has been getting louder and louder. Every time someone says “search engine X is better than Google”, I start playing around with that search engine, and usually decide it’s really not better for the searches I tend to do. However, the other search engines do keep improving, and even the Wall Street Journal is wondering if Teoma now has more relevant searching technology – now that people have figured out how to game Google’s PageRank. Of course, it’s pretty difficult to objectively declare one search engine “better” than another, but it’s good to see more options for better searching. Of course, somehow, I get the feeling that this article is part of AskJeeve’s (who owns Teoma) new marketing campaign. They’ve admitted they’re spending a ton of money, and they’re clearly annoyed that they’re left out of every article about the “new” search market that everyone seems to consider to be Google, Yahoo and Microsoft (even though Microsoft hasn’t released a product yet).

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