Hollywood Blames Text Messaging For Bad Movie Turnout

from the gotta-blame-something dept

Apparently, the folks in Hollywood don’t think that the dreadful quality of this summer’s movies have anything to do with the poor turnout. They’re also not blaming the ever-increasing price of a movie ticket and the struggling economy. They haven’t even gotten to the point where they blame other entertainment options like video games for stealing away precious mindshare. No, they’re blaming text messaging. Studio execs say it’s these damn kids today with their mobile phones sending text messages to their friends on opening night telling them just what a dud “The Hulk” is that have stopped everyone from going to the movies. Next thing you know, they’ll be crying to Congress to ban text messaging for taking away their ability to profit from their terrible movies.

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Comments on “Hollywood Blames Text Messaging For Bad Movie Turnout”

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Ed Halley says:

No Subject Given

These two-topic roundup articles are so annoying.

As I skimmed through the article you linked, I was led to believe that Hollywood was trying to explain the “NE1 C HULK?” phenomenon with a far better-known phenomenon that more people could easily identify: how fast a computer worm will eat through a Microsoft Windows network.

Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

What date?

Did anybody mark the date when we as a people stoppped taking responsibility for own actions?

These days if you make a crappy movie and don’t recoup your investment, it’s not your fault – it’s those dang kids with their new high-tech whatchamgadgets giving your movie a bad rep!

If you’re a music company and all you’re turning out is tripe that sounds like everything else that’s already out there and your album sales don’t show the numbers your analysts predicted, it’s not your fault, it’s those dang kids with their napster-p2p-WinMX-Kazaa file-sharing-whatchamacallits!

If you own a scary, run-down old amusement park and you can’ burn it to the ground for the insurance money, it’s not your fault – it’s those dang meddling kids and their stupid dog!

OK, maybe I got a little carried away with that last one…

LittleW0lf says:

What about internet, newspaper, and television?

I learned “The Hulk” was a bomb from the newspaper, and “Gigli” was a bomb from television, and that “The Matrix Reloaded” was the best movie ever from the internet.

Does that mean that they plan on shutting down the internet, newspaper, and television too?

Oh, yeah, they cannot shut down newspaper or television as doing so would be a violation of the first admendment (though shutting down the internet or SMS wouldn’t be, as the public doesn’t have huge amounts of money, nor do they care anyway, as they are mindless sheep.)

For newspaper and television, the movie industry is just going to have to own them, that way they can say what ever they want…oh, wait…they do.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: What about internet, newspaper, and television

See, but the thing is, the studio can bribe TV and newspaper (and even internet) reviewers with a fun media junket where they give them food, entertainment and access to the stars… all of which makes them a bit more likely to write kind things (if possible…). With those darn kids, you can’t bribe them all, since they’re the customers.

Mark F says:

Misleading article

The article being linked to is simply a few bits from a LA Times story which has much more information.

The LA Times article has a number of quotes from movie executives that show they realize that word of mouth is key and that they wish to make movies that get good reviews from the initial fans. It does not indicate that the movie companies want to gag anyone – just figure out how to appeal to the initial viewers.

Mike says:

Text messaging in movie theaters...

…is irritating just because of the phone screen lighting up the dark room. I guess it’s better than the people talking like they’re in their own living room but it’s still distracting. Maybe I’m just turning into a grumpy old man but these are the reasons I’ve stopped going to theaters. While you’re at it: STAY OFF MY LAWN!!

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