How Not To Run A Tech Trade Show

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Last year there was a huge fuss when IDG announced that they were going to move the big Macworld trade show to Boston, instead of New York. Apple responded almost immediately, saying they didn’t want the show in Boston, and would not participate. This surprised a lot of folks who thought you can’t really have a Macworld without Apple participating. Basically, IDG had been arguing with Apple over the location, and figured a public announcement would force Apple to cave. The problem, of course, is that Apple was in the stronger position, and Steve Jobs is not known for “caving”. IDG then tried to distance itself from Apple by renaming the show CreativePro. However, here’s the interesting part: they never signed a deal to have the show in Boston, and the rumor now is that it will be back in New York (where Apple might take part). So, basically, nothing from the original announcement is likely to be true. There is no MacWorld, it won’t be in Boston, and who knows if Apple is going to show up. Generally speaking, it probably makes sense to actually have the plans in place and written agreements before you announce something like that.

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