Watch The Intruder Via Your Mobile Phone

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While MMS (multimedia messaging) still isn’t all that widespread for mobile phones, a security firm in New Zealand has come up with an innovative use of the technology. First, they set up internet connected security cameras in your house. If an intruder (or anything) trips the alarm, the video from the camera is streamed back to the company’s offices, where they can review it. If they think it’s at all suspicious, they can then forward snippets of the video on to the homeowner’s mobile phone, along with an explanation. The homeowner can then review the image, and send a message back to the security company indicating whether or not they should call the police, or if everything is okay. Sounds pretty cool, though, the company says they’re barely using the technology, since so few people have MMS-enabled phones.

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Comments on “Watch The Intruder Via Your Mobile Phone”

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1 Comment
Marc H. Nathan (user link) says:

Another use for this technology

Another application for this would be cameras installed in cars that can send a picture to you if the alarm is triggered. One camera faces the front, one in the back and both are attached to a wireless (cell phone/WiFi/Bluetooth/UWB) transmitter. You could also use them for parallel parking with a small monitor/pda.

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