High Speed Wireless Set for D.C., San Diego

If you’re in the US, it seems like San Diego is the place to be if you want to get early access to high speed wireless networks. Of course, it helps that Qualcomm is there, but it seems like every new technology gets a San Diego rollout. The latest is that Verizon says they’ll launch their EV-DO network in San Diego and Washington DC. Of course, they don’t say when. The article also does the usual “up to” trick, telling you that the service will have speeds “up to” 2.4 megabits per second. They fail to mention that this is under absolutely perfect conditions, sitting up on the tower, with no other person in the world even aware the tower exists, and with a full moon on a Thursday night with the day of the month being a prime number. Otherwise, you might expect somewhat slower speeds. Still, it should be a lot nicer than anything you get over a cellular network these days.

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