Teens Lack Web Confidence

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While the common wisdom is that kids figure out how to use the internet much faster than adults, there are some aspects of it that they don’t necessarily grasp as quickly. A new study has found that many teenagers don’t have proper searching and research skills online and find themselves frustrated when they can’t find what they’re looking for. They tend to blame themselves, rather than the limits of the medium, and even lose confidence in their own abilities. The folks behind the study suggest that teens need to be taught these skills in school. So, how long until we see something like Google Hacks as a required textbook for teens?

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Comments on “Teens Lack Web Confidence”

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TAD (user link) says:

How are we going to clear this hurdle?

It seems like a very large number of primary and secondary teachers only have a cursory knowledge of computers, much less how to utilize the internet properly? How can schools ever teach kids skills like this which need to be updated every 6-12 months when the teachers have a hard time finding the “any key?”

I think our schools are broken, outdated institutions. How can we fix them?

Feed_Me_Cereal says:

Re: How are we going to clear this hurdle?

I concur. While many of my HS teachers were “good”, well meaning individuals, they lacked the skills to use a computer for themselves … much less teach others how to do so. It has been my own personal experience, that many teachers especially at the secondary and under level (but certainly not isolated to those areas)lack any motivation to change and/ or learn about computers/ technology in general. Perhaps they dont believe they are valued/ paid enough to warrant that kind of ‘extra’ work. These are however generalizations and I certainly dont think that every teacher is as stated above.

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