3G Phones Pose Child Sex Risk?

from the what-doesn't? dept

A so-called expert has come up with yet another way that new 3G mobile phones need to be feared. Not only should they be banned from locker-rooms, magazine shops, and courts, now they’re saying that it’s dangerous for kids to have 3G mobile phones because it might make it easier for pedophiles to get in touch with them. Now, pedophiles are clearly a problem, but this is yet another situation where people are blaming the technology, rather than looking at the issue itself. They’re afraid that kids using mobile phones unsupervised will get themselves into dangerous situations that would never happen if a parent were hovering over them. The thing is, parents can never hover over their kids 24/7, and you’re much better off teaching your kid how to act responsibly and how to avoid getting into such dangerous situations – and then trusting them to do the right thing.

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