Global Illegal CD Market Swells

from the rather-sue-my-customers dept

John was the first of a few people to submit the story that, while the music industry sends its legal battalion to sue all of its customers, the “real” pirates who produce and sell counterfeit CDs are increasingly getting away with it. Note that this has nothing, whatsoever, to do with file sharing. This is about organized crime producing and selling fake CDs. The music industry (who, you might notice, is a bit biased) estimates that 40% of CDs and tapes sold are counterfeit. They throw up some number about how much this “costs” – but that assumes that people would pay the much higher fees for the same legitimate CDs. Still, it would appear to make a lot more sense to go after these folks, who are clearly profiting off of the music industry, than fans who are just exploring new music and often using the knowledge gained to buy more CDs.

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