Bill Gates Is The Internet's Biggest Fraud

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I saw this hoax email a few years ago, but it’s quite some time since anyone has sent it my way again. However, it appears that the new population of gullible emailers keeps growing. A new study suggests that the “Bill Gates will give you money for passing on this email” hoax is number one on a list of common frauds, hoaxes and chain letters, though, it may only be there thanks to its ridiculous longevity. Congratulations Bill. Is it possible that, one day, it will become common enough knowledge that anything that says “pass this on to everyone you know” is a fraud? Or will there always be a new supply of PT Barnum’s e-suckers?

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Comments on “Bill Gates Is The Internet's Biggest Fraud”

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LittleW0lf says:

Bill Gates, a fraud?

Well, I agree that Windows isn’t all it is cracked up to be, (ok, so I am an open source biggot.) And Microsoft is a convicted monopolist…but Bill Gates a fraud? Now that is new. So, is the person impersonating Bill Gates really the anti-christ and the head of the illuminati like I’ve always believed?

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