A User's Guide To Time Travel

from the crackpots-galore dept

Continuing with their “crackpot”… I mean, “super powers” issue, Wired Magazine has released an article talking about a variety of methods that could be used for time travel. This follows on their stories about invisibility and anti-gravity. The time travel one might be the most amusing so far, because it explains what you would need to do to get each of the methods to work (and whether you can go backwards, forwards, or both), and then at the very end gives you the “fine print” – which basically explains why it’s impossible.

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Comments on “A User's Guide To Time Travel”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

I actually found the article rather amusing since, as you said, they basically tell you how to do it, but the steps are impossible (“you need to build an infinitely long tube”)

This is akin to the “jokes” the physics majors used to tell (“assume a frictionless surface”, then bounds of geek laughter).

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