The Antigravity Underground

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The latest issue of Wired Magazine is apparently focused on “super powers”. Earlier, we posted an article about what it would take to create an invisibility device, and the next article in their series focuses on anti-gravity devices. Of course, some may say that instead of the “super power” issue, this is quickly turning out to be the “crackpot” issue of the magazine. However, based on these two pieces, it looks like they’re looking at crackpot-like ideas and trying to approach them from more reasonable angles. The antigravity piece, specifically, points out that there are tons of skeptics to the concept. While people have been able to make devices that seem to “float”, there are compelling non-anti-gravity theories as to why this happens. The article mostly ends up debunking all “anti-gravity” claims, but still makes for an interesting read about those involved on all sides of the research into this technology.

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Comments on “The Antigravity Underground”

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sbdwestpac says:

perpetual motion for the 21st century

It’s always amazing how many people will leap towards the crackpot theory rather than good science. Garage inventors have been trying to beat Newton for hundreds of years and all they’ve done is waste countless hours of their own building them and countless hours by others proving why they won’t work. Dennis Lee and Joe Newman have spent years convincing thousands of people to pony up millions of dollars to purchase “free energy” machines that they have yet to deliver or even make a viable demonstration of. One of them has been arrested on fraud charges, but that doesn’t seem to deter the naive investors who apparently never took grammar school science.

Big Al says:

My basic AG theory

Does REAL AG exist? On the Net you type in the name of the phenomena and there are millions of hits. Yet, I haven’t see any real fruit – EVER! All the claims – whoohoo! If we do, why then aren’t WE (as a mass society that drives the automobile), jumping into our compact flyer and zooming off to. . .wherever? Hm? Fake!
1.Gravity is a by-product of mass which continually consumes space to maintain it’s decaying occupancy.
2.The gravity of the object flows from the outside to the inside.
3.When the object is rotated, certian degrees of deflection happen within the gravity flow.
4.When the object is rotated hard enough the flow of gravity flows from the inside to the outside – Whoohoo – isn’t this called CENTRIFUGAL FORCE???
5. Since, in all reality, we’re not going to harness “Antimatter” in any abundant quantity (which in theory yields antigravity in its’ natural state), we aren’t going to be using “Antigravity” like abundant gasoline.
Now if any of what I’m saying makes the least sense and you’re interested in in the rest of my theory, you may coorespond with me at my E-mail
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