Kazaa Barred From Pursuing Anti-Trust Lawsuit

from the a-bit-of-a-stretch dept

In the ongoing legal battle between file sharing networks and the entertainment industry, one of Kazaa’s more “out there” strategies had been to accuse the entertainment of antitrust violations for not allowing their content to be placed on their network. This seemed more like a “throw it up on the wall and see if it sticks” strategy than a well thought out legal move. So, it’s no real surprise that a judge has dismissed the claims. He points out that even if the entertainment industry is guilty of what they’re being charged with, Kazaa wouldn’t be entitled to damages because they’re a software company, and not an entertainment company. Of course, the original charges probably were more to do with them having control over distributions, and in that sense, Kazaa (via altnet) can be seen as a competing distribution company.

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