Beware Of Flying Computer Monitors

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There’s been a lot of press coverage about widespread broadband adoption in South Korea, and how an incredibly large percentage of people there now play online video games. Of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t problems. When a father returned home to find his 20 year-old daughter playing games online she didn’t greet him according to local custom. Even worse, she wouldn’t let him join the game… at which point he grabbed the computer monitor and threw it out their 12th-story window, where it proceeded to (thank you gravity) fall to the ground and severely injure a four-year-old girl. The father is now under arrest. My question is how long until someone takes this story and uses it to prove how “dangerous” online video games are?

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Comments on “Beware Of Flying Computer Monitors”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Wait till acid attacks

Asian sensibilities would say the incident was mostly the 20-year-old daughter’s fault. (And the family will get kicked out of the apartment complex, in all likelihood; they’ll be persona non grata everywhere, and might end up immigrating here.)

When online video games become popular in South Asia, we can expect to see a wave of acid attacks by people who felt insulted online. When acid attack victims are allowed to vent their feelings online, look out….

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