States Line Up To Woo Biotech

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The headline of this article only briefly touches on what most of the article is about. It starts out talking about how differently locations are trying to woo biotech companies to their region, hoping that biotech is the next “big thing”, and that they’re area because the “Biotech Valley” or whatever the equivalent to Silicon Valley is going to be called. This seems to be jumping the gun a bit as it’s unclear just what sort of success the biotech industry is facing, and also because there are plenty of other issues that biotech companies need to deal with. One of these is what the rest of the article talks about: local resident fears that whatever is going on at biotech companies and research labs is putting them at risk. This may all be overblown fear, but many people are afraid that the output from biotech facilities is endangering their lives, and biotech facilities need to be extra careful to be very open about what is coming out at the back end of their operations.

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Comments on “States Line Up To Woo Biotech”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

False Hope

For the past 30 years, biotech has been a very small industry that is supposed to be the “next big thing”. Biotech startups happen near prestigious universities with good biological and medical programs. Of the 1% that succeed, they are bought out by Big Pharma.

As for fears of mutant biotech products somehow going out and harming people, people have been watching too many sci fi movies. College kids just need an excuse to wear black ski masks and trash retail stores downtown.

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