Nokia Making Bets On Mobility Once Again

from the mobile-services dept

Nokia is, far and away, the dominant player in the wireless handset business. However, they’re certainly not sitting still. Realizing that they’re under constant threats from device making competitors, they’re making a big bet on the idea of “life going mobile”. In other words, they’re looking at ways to provide additional services designed for a mobile lifestyle. Whether or not they succeed, this is a smart bet. Technology companies of all kinds are increasingly realizing that technology is a commodity business. Sooner or later your margins get driven down and competitors make life tough for you. One way to avoid this is to offer services on top of products. Nokia is specifically trying to come up with the type of services that people with a “mobile lifestyle” would use. While they’ll probably make some mistake along the way, adding more services to their offerings is the strongest way for a technology company to give themselves a chance of staying at the top of their game. More and more technology companies seem to be realizing this, which is a good thing.

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