The Tech Rebound That Isn't Quite

from the a-different-sort-of-recovery dept

There are plenty of signs that the technology world is experiencing something of a rebound. The folks on Wall Street certainly seem to think something’s going on. However, many are now saying that we should be cautious about becoming too enthusiastic about this recovery. They point out that the bubble and the downturn have changed the way companies view tech spending. They’re now much more focused on the bottom line, and not getting suckered into buying hyped up technologies that don’t do any good. I’m a bit confused as to how anyone considers this a bad thing. If companies are being more careful to invest in technologies that really help them, while slowing down implementations to make sure they get it right, I think that can only be good news for the industry. The more good implementations there are of technology, the more productivity is gained (and less money is thrown at bad implementations), and the more people realize just how much they can really do when technology is used properly. If people think that the real “recovery” occurs when people start spending stupidly on technology again, I have to wonder what they’re thinking.

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