How Segway Danced Into The Spotlight

from the behind-the-scenes dept

Last week we pointed to an excerpt from Code Name Ginger, the story of how the Segway came to be, talking about a meeting of Dean Kamen with Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs where they argue over some key points in how the Segway will be built and promoted. Now, the reviews of the book are starting to come out, saying that the behind-the-scenes look at Kamen, and how the Segway came about are fascinating. Of course, I would bet the stories would be a lot more interesting if the author hadn’t been banned from his insider-access soon after all the hype came down. While all the information leading up to the launch would probably be worth reading, I think it would be much more interesting to see how Dean Kamen reacted to the number of people who simply responded “that’s all it is?” and how he’s dealt with the internal corporate struggles happening at the company as they try to figure out a way for the device to live up to its hype.

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