DVD-Piracy Paranoia Proves Counterproductive

from the obvious-to-everyone-but-those-who-count dept

Someone over at the Washington Post has realized that by letting people make copies of DVDs, the movie studios might actually increase the value of DVDs, and so he has written a column explaining how their continuing efforts to shut down any software that allows for DVD copying is counterproductive. He talks about some legitimate reasons for copying DVDs, and how such software makes his own DVDs more valuable to him (by copying the movies to his hard drive, he doesn’t need to carry around an external DVD player and DVDs when he travels). He also points out that it is simply impossible to stop a software product from existing after it’s been created and released online. Therefore, it’s in their best interest to realize what the benefits are from copying DVDs, and learn to embrace them, rather than waste lots of money on a pointless campaign.

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