Crying Babies Wanted At New York Movie Theater

from the movie-going-is-an-experience dept

It’s funny that with the MPAA screaming as loudly as possible about the “threat” of people downloading movies to watch in their homes that there’s more evidence every day that going to the movies is a social experience, having little to do with whether or not the content is available for download. A NY theater, in a successful attempt to drum up business, has set up special nights when they request parents bring their infants to the movies. The idea is that these parents haven’t had a chance to go out to the movies in months or years, since they’re afraid a crying baby will disturb other patrons. However, if the whole place is filled with screaming babies, then maybe it’s not so bad. Of course, that presumes that you don’t mind watching a movie with a hundred or so screaming babies, just so your own baby can scream. However, those who went seem to think it was a good idea. The emphasis here is on giving parents a way to go out to the movies, as opposed to staying home and watching a movie there.

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Comments on “Crying Babies Wanted At New York Movie Theater”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Poor folks, trapped at home,

.. because they never knew they could get a babysitter.

Remember those? One’s neice, one’s co-worker’s child or a neighbour kid, someone who comes over and takes care of the screaming child so that people can go to the restaurant or theatre in piece. Some people just drop off the kid at the babysitter’s place so that they can have a night of piece at home, which combines the best of both worlds: no screaming kids AND a night at home with a movie.

And hey, with the amount of children that idiots in this country are having, they can easily get in under some kind of a group rate.

What? Expensive to rent the sitter? Exactly! What, you figured it’d be free, that some kid would jump up and plead to mind your misbehaving timeout-indifferent brat? You thought of this before having children, right? What? No, I don’t even dream that anyone thinks of anything before they pump out that 4th child – except maybe THIS one will be the boy or the girl that mommy or daddy wanted.

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