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A lot of news on the Oracle/PeopleSoft front, so might as well combine them all into a single post. The day started off with Oracle raising their bid on PeopleSoft, which suggests that they might actually (no, really) be serious about this deal. It certainly makes it a bit tougher for the PeopleSoft board and shareholders to dismiss the offer outright. Meanwhile, PeopleSoft’s customers are not at all happy with the potential deal, worried that all their work installing PeopleSoft is going to have been wasted. One of their larger customers, the state of Connecticut is even suing Oracle for anti-trust violations in order to stop this merger from going any further. To respond to all these criticisms, Oracle has sent recently hired VP Chuck Phillips out to the masses to calm down current PeopleSoft customers, saying they would continue to support any current customers on existing software, and wouldn’t force them to upgrade. That, of course, is a typical story, but once they’re inside the company, you never know what’s going to happen. Either way, it’s pretty clear that this deal is kicking up an awfully big mess, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to have a chance to settle down for quite some time. SAP must be positively giddy.

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Comments on “Latest On Oracle/PeopleSoft Fight”

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matt fotter says:

maybe it's because i'm a psfter

…but really, if larry was serious about this whole thing, dontcha think he would have kept his fscking pie hole shut about ceasing development of psft apps and killing the company? this is all fud and now he goosed the bid to nullify the suits from psft & jdec. if he just shut his mouth and offered $25, he’d be my boss now. instead his little “let’s see if i can scuttle the psft/jdec deal” game is getting some egg on his face. ct suit is only the start – there are many state/fed customers out there who passed once on oracle apps and will do so again via litigation.
(of course if it does go thru – larry, dude, you’re the smartest guy on earth. i love you man!)

Bryan Price says:

Re: maybe it's because i'm a psfter

I’m not a psfter.

I still think that Larry is an ass. I don’t care how brilliant he is business wise (I have doubts on how much even there). He’s been pissing ever since Microsoft became bigger the Oracle, and Gates became richer than him. Hello, Larry! Microsoft sells just more than database software. They sell the operating system that is on 90% of the PCs in this world. Your assinine attempt to push us back to the middle ages with the totally fsckedup NIC was totally laughable.

He has opened up his mouth. If I were using PS, I would not beleive for one instant that Oracle has my best interests at heart. I don’t even believe that Larry has Oracle’s best interests at heart. It’s all about Larry. says:

Re: Re: maybe it's because i'm a psfter

Tell me what the difference is if ps users are forced to migrate to ps 8 or 11i? And tell me how a completely integrated database/application server, and suite of applications isn’t the right approach for customers. It is going to come down to SAP and Oracle. Deal with it. As for Microsoft and .net I mean not yet, no not ever is better… please!

Tim Peterson says:

Re: maybe it's because i'm a psfter

What’s the difference if ps users are forced to upgrade, 9and I use that term in gest as it is a complete rewrite)to the latest greatest ps release or 11i? Peoplesoft is de-supportung its old applications anyway. I think it is a genius move and I believe it will happen! Better re-think that lame suck up effort. Larry is your new boss.

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