College Courses Foreshadow A Tech Comeback

from the planning-for-demand dept

Even with the downturn and the number of techies looking for jobs, there are still reports coming out predicting that the US is not going to have enough qualified techies to meet its needs in the coming years. It sounds like some universities are jumping up to meet that challenge by offering more creative courses to train students for tech-related jobs. The most intriguing to me is that first one discussed in the article. George Mason University is starting a major that covers both technology and business issues. The idea is that these people won’t necessarily become full programmers, but will have enough of techie knowledge to either interface with techies in their job, or to better use technology in non-techie jobs. I think this is great. One of the big complaints that corporate techies often have is that “marketing doesn’t understand us” or something along those lines. Often, that’s true. But, if more people have a background that touches on both technology and business issues, more people will be able to bridge that gap.

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