She Brings Home The Bacon – Impact Of The Tech Downturn

from the why-is-this-even-an-issue? dept

Maybe it’s just the way I was raised, but I’m still a little surprised when I hear anyone suggest that the male half of a couple should be responsible for bringing home the majority of a couple’s income. Apparently, in the Bay Area, one result of the continuing downturn and repeated layoffs is that it’s forcing many couples to challenge this assumption and see what life is like when the woman is supporting the family financially. While it sounds like many couples in this situation don’t have a huge issue with it, some who have very traditional gender roles have problems with it. In this day and age, I’m surprised that this is still an issue. Who really cares who is bringing home the bigger income? Of course, even for those who say it’s fine, there are still arguments over who does the housework. Apparently, even if the guy is completely out of work, he tends to do less housework than expected. Of course, after reading the following study, perhaps men should reconsider. It turns out that women find men who do housework more attractive (plus it makes their kids better behaved).

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Comments on “She Brings Home The Bacon – Impact Of The Tech Downturn”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

Reminds me of that old commercial where the woman prances home in her business suit and sings:

I can bring home the bacon,
and fry it up in a pan,
and never, ever let you forget your a man,
cause I’m a woman, yeah!

I always liked that commercial! But I can’t remember what it was for which means, from a marketing perspective, it was a miserable failure!

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Changing roles

… I think this is also coming because parents are starting older, and are more ready to share their lives, and appreciate the little ones. I know several Dad’s who have taken 3 month leave of absences to spend with their child while Mommy transitions back to full-time work. We’re much more well-rounded in our roles than our parents – like you, I couldn’t see *my Dad or his friends* taking a few months off to look after us back in the day…

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