House Moves To Halt Online Gambling

from the all-bets-are-off dept

As expected, Congress has voted to ban online gambling. Of course, online gambling is already mostly illegal in the US – so what this bill tries to do is to target foreign casinos by making it very difficult to give those sites money. Amusingly, while the bill refused to offer exemptions for certain American run casinos, it did offer exemptions for state-regulated horse or dog racing or lotteries. I tend to side with the opponents of this bill who point out that no matter what, you’re never going to stamp out online gambling. People will still find a way to gamble – except that now, it will be with even shadier sites who come up with elaborate ways to get around the transaction ban. It would make far more sense to regulate online gambling in such a way that protects people, rather than trying to stamp it out altogether.

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